Ribeauvillé and its area

Ribeauvillé, a medieval city in the heart of the Alsatian vineyard

ribeauvillé medieval city

Located in the heart of Alsace and the Wines’Road, Ribeauvillé is a small town overhung by three castles dating from the XIVth century. Endowed by a rich and very well-preserved historical background, this lovely town is deeply attached to its history and traditions. 

During your visit, you will be able to come back up the Grand-rue, almost one-kilometre long, in which you will find a soul, to which all the shopkeepers, the hotelkeepers and the restaurant owners link passionate values. You will also walk under the butcher’s tower, this famous Alsatian monument which dominates Ribeauvillé’s town center. 

In constant evolution, the city of Minstrels takes care of its image and proposes very well-maintained streets and alleys, numerous free parkings near the shops and houses always very well-flourished. Indeed, Ribeauvillé won « 4 flowers » at the French floral towns and villages ranking. 

The energy of the inhabitants will also bring you a lot of distractions all year-long thanks to a dynamic associative life. The offer is very diversified and there is something for every taste: from the villages festivals to the small music and theatre festivals with as a peak, the minstrels festival, also called the « Pfifferdaj », and its cortege of 1500 bit players on the first weekend of September.

alsatian vineyard ribeauvillé